How to Find Allergy Friendly Menus through My Disney Experience at Walt Disney World

Happy #tastytuesday friends! I was going to cover a new restaurant review today, but since Walt Disney World has made some changes to where you can find allergy friendly menus, I thought that a step by step guide may be helpful for those who don’t know where to find the menus! Below I’ll be covering how to find allergy friendly menus at both table service and quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World (when available). My screen shots are also directly from the My Disney Experience app, although you can find the menus online as well.

Starting off with table service restaurants, once you’ve opened up your My Disney Experience app, you’re going to click on the magnifying glass on the bottom of the screen.

The magnifying glass will prompt you to manually search, and so you can type in the restaurant you are looking for. Click on the restaurant name once it pops up. I chose to look up The Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.

Once you are on the main page for the restaurant, swipe to the left to find the menu button. Click that button to take you to the restaurant’s current menu.

You can choose from the menus from the meals the restaurant is currently serving (The Crystal Palace is only doing lunch/dinner right now). If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the menu, you will find all allergy friendly options available for both adults and children.

And that’s it for table service! If you decide to dine at a table service restaurant, you will also now get a QR code that will direct you to this online menu as well for less contact. Of course, if you need to talk to the chef, that option is also available at all table service restaurants.

Moving in to quick service locations, instead of clicking on the magnifying glass, you’ll click on the plus sign. This will prompt a drop down menu to pop up.

Once the drop down menu pops up, click on Order Food. This will prompt all mobile order locations to pop up for you to order food.

Click on the available time slot for the restaurant you would like to mobile order from. I chose Cosmic Ray’s in Magic Kingdom.

Once you’ve clicked on your time slot, you’ll be directed to order from the menu of the restaurant you’ve chosen. To get to the allergy friendly options, click on the Allergy Friendly icon at the top of the menu.

Then, click on your allergy to see what food is available to you to order!

If you have multiple food allergies, I still recommend talking to a cast member to make sure all of your food allergies are taken into account. However, if you only have one food allergy, this is a great way to order on the food on the go. Note: allergy friendly options at quick service locations do take more time to prepare than regular orders.

Although most table service or quick service restaurants have these online allergy friendly menu options, do keep in mind that not every restaurant may have the online options right now. For example, Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom will allow you to mobile order, but does not have an allergy friendly menu. Additionally, not all quick service locations allow for mobile order currently, such as Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom. If you are ever concerned about your order or cross contamination, make sure to talk to a cast member and/or chef at your location!

Here’s to living our best and most delicious Disney lives! <3

~ Meagan

Meagan has been living with many food allergies and sensitivities since she was 19 years old. She is currently a Personal Vacation Advisor for Magical Vacation Planner, specializing in helping her guests book trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. Meagan enjoys researching fitness and nutrition and has taken a special interest in finding allergy friendly options at Walt Disney World.

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