Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch Review

Happy #tastytuesday friends! This week’s allergy friendly review is taking us back in time to when…there were no bathrooms? That’s right- we’re headed to Liberty Tree Tavern (LTT), a table service restaurant located in Liberty Square at Walt Disney’s World Magic Kingdom Park. I haven’t eaten at this restaurant in a few years and hadn’t heard the best when it comes to allergy friendly offerings, and so I wanted to give it another go to see what the experience was like for myself. Spoiler alert- I LOVED it and am already trying to find a time to go back.

As I already mentioned, LTT is located in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney had a love for America, and so this area reflects the several aspects of American history, including a replica of the Liberty Bell, the Hall of Presidents, and LTT. The food here is American comfort food similar to a Thanksgiving Day feast.

The meal itself is a prix-fixed all-you-can eat meal that is $39 for adults and $21 for children, no matter if you are dining allergy friendly or not. The allergy friendly menu for LTT can be found online on My Disney Experience or by scanning the QR code that you are given when you are seated at your table. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the menu to get to the allergy friendly offerings section.

First up, and not listed on the menu, I was given my favorite allergy friendly rolls and non-dairy butter as the bread service before my meal. As always- 10/10!

First up for the appetizer was the Declaration Salad, which came as allergy friendly to the table as tossed mixed greens with house-made dressing. Y’all, when I say I have never loved a salad more, I am 100% telling the truth! I believe the house made dressing on this salad is a honey-shallot vinaigrette, but you may want to ask before you get the salad as the dressing is not listed on the menu other than as “house made.” Honestly, I would come back and eat this salad over and over. It was sweet, fresh, crunchy, and made a basic salad feel like so much more. 11/10 for me!

Now, onto our main course! The amazing thing about LTT is that I could eat all of the main course items except for the macaroni & cheese, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on a lot of the food. My plate consisted of The Patriot’s Platter (turkey, pot roast, & pork), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and seasonal veggies plus sides of fresh cranberry sauce and gravy. I LOVED every single thing on my plate- the turkey was tender and well-balanced with the perfectly salty gravy, the pot roast melted in my mouth, and the seasonal veggies were cooked perfectly. However, what really impressed me was the allergy friendly stuffing. Anywhere that can attempt and succeed at making a stuffing that is gluten, dairy, and egg free is a winner in my book. It was soft, crunchy, and also tasted so delicious when combined with the gravy. Now, add the fresh and tart cranberry sauce to your next bite and you have a home run. 12/10 for me! This meal was perfect. (NOTE: I did not try the plant based meatloaf as I could have the protein options.)

Alright, now that we have had our lives changed by our main course, who’s ready for dessert?! There were several items on the allergy friendly menu for varying allergy types, however, my only option the day I was dining was a berry sorbet (*gasp*).

If you’ve been keeping up wit this blog, y’all know I don’t mind the sorbet option- it’s just really overdone for an allergy friendly dessert at WDW. My option here was a mixed berry sorbet, which gets an 8/10 for yumminess and a 5/10 for originality.

Overall, this dining experience was well worth the cost for me. I got SO MUCH food that was more delicious than I had anticipated, and I will be finding a time to make it back here in the future. Skipper Canteen now has a new contender for my top allergy friendly dining spot in the Magic Kingdom!

Thanks for following along! Here’s to living our best and most delicious Disney lives! <3

~ Meagan

Meagan has been living with many food allergies and sensitivities since she was 19 years old. She is currently a Personal Vacation Advisor for Magical Vacation Planner, specializing in helping her guests book trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. Meagan enjoys researching fitness and nutrition and has taken a special interest in finding allergy friendly options at Walt Disney World.

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